About us

HELENA FURNITURE with MOTHER of PEARL (Helena Woodart) was founded in 1993 to serve the mother of pearl and wood handicrafts.


As Helena Woodart; We are proud of displaying the best examples of Turkish handicrafts, the most rare examples of beautiful mother-of-pearl processing, and of our country at home and abroad.

It is a product of selfless and loving work required by craftsmanship of our pearled furniture, accessories, chess sets and souvenirs, which are decorated with perfect examples of our handicrafts. You can find works of art from Helena Woodart that arise from this union and bring people back to the future. All of our products with wood and mother of pearl are handcrafted and all colors used are natural colors. Besides our products, we take special orders according to customer needs.

As Helena Woodart, we present all the gates that are interspersed into mysterious lives with a glorious expression.